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Wednesday, 19 September 2018 06:40

RAM MOUNTS, Made In America and Made TOUGH


It's a thought that comes to mind, whether driving or you just bought a bike.

Your hands need to be fossing on keeping you alive and not getting you fined but you need to check your phone ?

Best solution .... A MOUNT ! But one with a life time gaurantee, made in America and built ford tough.

As the tittle states, let's discuss the Ram Mount. 

Imagine a mount just like leggo in the respect that you can build it your self, with ease and confidence to hold your phone like pictured above. 

whether you're riding, driving, cycling or even want to mount an Ipad on the kitchen wall/cubbord to keep up with the Netflix special you are binging on but can't pause life. 

Ram Mount has a solution, with a bunch of perks. 

pulled directly from their website:

• Rustproof

• High strength composite and stainless steel construction

• Spring loaded holder expands and contracts for perfect fit of your device

• Rubber coated tips will hold device firm and stable

• Versatility of holder allows for attachment to many RAM ball mounts

• Lifetime warranty

• Made in U.S.A.



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