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Friday, 04 July 2014 05:21

Have you caught up with the trend yet? - Geocaching

Treasure hunting takes modern twist as Geocaching catches on

Participants use GPS or Smartphone to navigate to a specific hidden container


The traditional role of a treasure hunter is starting to take a modern twist with the evolution of geocaching, which is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. 

Instead of following a weathered treasure map in the search for hidden cash, these modern day adventurers are following GPS co-ordinates through local parks and public areas seeking a new type of 'cache.'

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game. Participants, or geocachers, use a hand-held GPS, or even a smartphone, to navigate to a specific set of co-ordinates to find a hidden container, which is called a cache. The co-ordinates are all found online at www.geocaching.com.au

The cache contains a logbook, detailing who has found the cache and when. It sometimes contains miscellaneous Geocoins, which can be taken and replaced with a Geocoin of your own.

Geocaching started in 2000 and has since exploded. There are approximately 2.4 million hidden geocaches in the world.

Legacy, who goes by the geocache name, Paulboy, has collected about 15,000 caches since 2010. Szostak, who goes by the geocache name, ArnieBarney, has collected 2,500 caches since 2008. Most geocachers go out in groups with friends and family. Legacy said children seem to enjoy discovering geocaches that contain Geocoins/trackable tags, which are sometimes called geoswag.

It's a lot of work for next to nothing in return, but it's not the cache that hooks geocachers, it's the thrill of exploring an area and the challenge of finding the cache, which can be camouflaged and extremely well hidden. If you're looking for a school holiday activity eith your kids, something that will get you outside and have you explore areas you didn't even know existed, then geocaching might be a good fit.

There's always something new to find. There are a few geocaches in Nanaimo that will require you to rediscover the downtown. "A lot of caches are like little tours of the downtown area and you have to go find these plaques, or things on buildings. You walk by this stuff every day, and geocaching makes you take notice," Szostak said.

At Electric Bug, We fully support such adventrous and challenging sports.

If you are just a beginner, or thinking to start caching, come down to us and see Anthony/Damien, 
Not only we have got a wide range of Handheld GPS that is perfect for geocaching,
We also have these amazing Essential starter packs available for you and your friends at $20, which includes:

starter pack

  • Container
  • Log book
  • Geocaching Disclaimer
  • Pen
  • Zip Lock Bag
  • Emergency calling card
  • Cree LED torch

Or our Ultimate starter Pack at $40, which includes:

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· Container

· Log book

· Geocaching Disclaimer

· Pen

· Zip Lock Bag

· Hand sanitizer

· Cree LED torch

· Emergency calling card

· Official Travel Bug

· Caching bag

· Mosquito-band

All these gears will get you ready for your adventure!


We also have Geocoins available :)


Adapted from © Nanaimo Daily Newsand edited by Electric Bug Pty Ltd

Original article:  http://www.nanaimodailynews.com/news/nanaimo-region/treasure-hunting-takes-modern-twist-as-geocaching-catches-on-1.1186777 

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